Press Release: Trump’s Ohio Tour

For Immediate Release
May 6, 2020

Leader Sykes to President Trump: “Coming to Ohio? People and places you should see.”

COLUMBUS – Upon hearing Donald Trump was planning a trip to Ohio, House Minority Leader Emilia Sykes, D-Akron, outlined a travelogue for the president.

“President Trump should come and see the real Ohio that is suffering because he dismissed all the early warning signs of the COVID-19 pandemic. So I’m offering up the following travel itinerary for the president to see and do,” Sykes said.

Visit a nursing station in any hospital. Take your pick Mr. President. See what these brave souls are doing every day. Talk to them about the risks they are taking, their sick colleague

What to pack? Masks and PPE, please, as much as you can.

Plan a stop at the Statehouse. Start on the west lawn where a group of angry people who have bought into your hate speech against the media, against science, against responsible and responsive government for and by the people, have assembled. Let your secret service know some are carrying guns while others are just armed with hate speech like anti-Semitic and racist signs. Some have resorted to verbally attacking reporters who are only trying to do their job. 

What to pack? Bags of ice to cool down hot heads, a prepared speech that denounces hate in any form and says we need to support the Governor and Health Director Amy Acton because their bold leadership, unlike yours, has saved countless lives in Ohio.

Throw a dart at the map of Ohio and pick a city. A county. A school building. We have lots of them. Go and see firsthand the front line warriors, the genuine heroes of Ohio and America, who haven’t had the luxury of cocooning in safety Mr. President. See, they are worried that their budgets are being slashed and they are going to have to go home to their spouses and their children and tell them they just lost their job. You know, the job that they were doing 24/7 despite the risk of literally losing their lives to keep our communities safe and running.

What to pack? A federal proposal to help the states keep our people employed, our local economies working, and our communities safe. Think FDR. Hint: that stands for Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Take a tour of the shuttered and abandoned GM Lordstown facility where more than 4,000 workers lost their job last year and you didn’t lift a pinkie to help. Maybe walk through a home for sale or an abandoned house or stop by a food bank. Play a variation on the game Where’s Waldo called Where In The World Are The Manufacturing Jobs You Promised?

What to pack? A thick skin. You’ll need it if any of the Valley residents get a chance to let you know what a disappointment you’ve been as president. Also, throw in a promise to fund the loan program to help convert the plant for electric vehicles. You know, the same loan program you zeroed out in your budget. That’s the one.

Come to Akron, to my district and meet real Black people. Yes, we exist and guess what? You know that coronavirus you called a hoax. It’s killing Black people in larger numbers at disproportionate levels compared to the rest of society. If you let me, I’ll show you some reasons why. 

What to pack? Your heart. Don’t leave it behind Mr. President. The inner cities are hurting and you need to not only see the destruction, but feel the pain of your fellow woman and man. 

“Mr. President, traveling is a great way to see the country and get to know its people so we welcome you to Ohio, hope you enjoy your visit, and that you plan to return real soon – with a plan to help our state and people recover,” Sykes said.


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