Our Priorities

Putting People First means working together to ensure all Ohioans—no matter your race, gender or economic status—have the freedom to be who they are, the dignity of a safe community and secure job, and the opportunity to thrive. 

People First means building an Ohio we deserve, where elected officials aren’t just politicians but public servants who bring people together to overcome challenges and achieve positive change. 

Being People First means creating an Ohio that meets people where they are—where no one is unseen, unheard or uninspired to reach greatness. 

No matter where in Ohio we’re from, no matter our background or skin color, people are frustrated and fed up with a broken system that rewards the wealthiest few but leaves behind the people who go to work every day—in factories, on farms, and in storefronts on Main streets—trying to reignite the fading American Dream. 

Certain groups of politicians want to divide us by obsessing over gender, race and religion—creating dangerous culture wars meant to divide us through fear and anger. Rather than build safe communities and economic opportunity, they want us to blame our neighbors and each other for every problem that arises. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can have a better Ohio, and it starts with all of us. 

We can have better jobs, wage growth and an economy that works for all of us if we invest in our greatest economic resource—people. Together, we can have the freedom to vote, dignity in our work and daily lives, and economic opportunity and prosperity for our families. 

We can put people first— instead of politics and special interests –by working together to defend our fundamental American freedoms, restore the dignity of work in Ohio, and ensure prosperity reaches all corners of the state—whether you’re a teacher in Beavercreek, a line worker in Marysville, a beautician in Toledo, or a small business owner in Austintown. 

We can pull together and put people first over the cynical politicians and special interests trying to divide us, over greedy corporations and over the wealthiest few. As Ohio strives to be a leader in the future of innovation and technology, it’s the people on the frontlines who will help fulfill that dream. People who are already here, people who are thinking of leaving because of diminished opportunities and freedoms and people from outside the state looking for the opportunity to get ahead. 


No matter our backgrounds or hometowns, we all deserve the fundamental freedom to control our own bodies; the freedom to love who we love; the freedom to vote and change our government; and the freedom to be ourselves. 


Every Ohioan deserves the quality of life that comes from having a secure job, safe retirement and the protection of health care. We deserve to be proud of who we are, where we come from and what we do. 


We can level the playing field for frontline working people and small business owners by cutting them in on the deal and clearing obstacles to opportunity. We can fix our upside-down economy by putting people over politics to support working people, small business owners and families.