Our Priorities

You can live the American dream right here at home.

Ohioans should have the power to pursue their idea of the American Dream and that begins with giving them the education and skills to make their own choices. Our Ohio Promise is to ensure quality pre-K is affordable and available to all children. We are going to fix the broken school funding formula so every child can go to school in a modern classroom with dedicated teachers. We also pledge to make college and technical training affordable for students and their families.

Keeping talent here in the Buckeye State takes more than just educational opportunities. We will work for pay equity, ensure that technologies needed to run a thriving business reach every corner of our state, and incentivize the State to contract with Ohio companies committed to creating good jobs right here at home. Our Ohio Promise is that your children will not need to leave Ohio to make their dreams a reality.


If you work hard, you can get ahead.

Our Ohio Promise is to respect the hard work that you do every day by working to make sure you can get ahead in life. Our Ohio Promise is to make the system work for working people instead of against them. We pledge to give tax breaks and incentives to working people, give working people the raise they’ve earned by upping Ohio’s minimum wage, and ensure that one job is good enough. Companies should be held accountable to their employees to provide fair wages, benefits and security. And if you work overtime, you should get paid for your extra hours. This is fair for workers and businesses and it will make Ohio stronger.


Family comes first.

We support family values, but more importantly, we value families. Our Ohio Promise is to work every day to make the lives of working families in Ohio better. We will work to put more money into their monthly budgets so that doctor visits and medicine are more accessible. We will fight poverty by helping people get to work in good-paying, fulfilling jobs. And we will work to strengthen the family unit by providing parental leave, curbing domestic violence, and reducing the number of infant deaths by providing the best pre- and post-natal care in the country.


You can live, work and retire with safety and security.

Ohioans deserve to feel safe and secure in their communities at every stage of their lives. The Ohio Promise means that we will address the disease of addiction by getting our loved ones the support and treatment they need for a chance to survive. It also means truly respecting seniors by helping them live in their homes—reducing their property taxes, providing quality in-home or retirement community care, and lowering the price of prescription drugs.


We work for you.

As your elected lawmakers, we pledge to go to work for you every day and get the job done. We can’t let petty politics get in the way of moving Ohio forward. Our Ohio Promise is to check our egos and our politics at the door, and get to work.

We will work to improve your quality of life and protect your local community. This means protecting the sanctity of your vote with open elections for all registered voters. It means giving your schools back to you by stopping the state takeover of local schools that has hurt our kids and our neighborhoods. It means lowering your utility cost. And it also means ensuring your drinking water is clean by protecting our treasured great Lake Erie.