Red to Blue

In 2020, we have a real opportunity to flip seats blue across Ohio. These candidates are running in the most competitive districts not currently held by a Democrat.

District 16

Monique Smith

District 23

Nancy Day-Achauer

District 27

Sara Bitter

District 36

Matt Shaughnessy

District 43

Amy Cox

District 55

Zach Stepp

District 59

Chris Stanley

District 89

Alexis Miller

Supermajority Busters

Republican gerrymandering has made it difficult for Democrats to be competitive in many districts in our state. However, we are confident with this great slate of candidates we can break the supermajority in the Ohio House this November to draw fair maps that represent all Ohioans. A few of these candidates are running in must-hold districts currently held by term-limited Democrats.

District 3

Laurel Johnson

District 7

Joan Sweeny

District 25

Dontavius Jarrells

District 39

Willis Blackshear, Jr.

District 40

Leronda Jackson

District 41

Cate Berger

District 47

Nancy Larson

District 57

Dara Adkison

District 60

Dan Troy

District 67

Rachael Morocco

District 69

Donna Beheydt

District 77

Melissa Wilde

District 79

Cynthia Richards

District 94

Katie O'Neill

District 96

Rich Olivito

District 99

Richard Dana

Emerging Districts

Coming soon: our candidates in emerging districts we can't wait for you to meet!