Joseph A Miller, III

District 56

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Joseph A Miller, III

State Rep. Joe Miller is a passionate advocate for quality education, jobs for hard working Ohioans, opportunities for green energy and a solution to our opioid crisis. As an educator, Joe understands the need for Ohio schools to prepare students for the new technology based economy rather than teaching towards mandated state tests.

Joe is a former social studies teacher at Firelands High School and an adjunct instructor with Lorain County Community College. Joe also served his community as an Amherst City Councilman at Large for the past six years.

Through investment in quality education, renewable energy, and innovative technology, Joe believes in the potential of Ohio to lead the nation in job creation and sustainability.

He and his wife Kelly have been married for 14 years and reside in Amherst with their two sons, Joseph and Jordan.


  • Federalism
  • Higher Education
  • Primary and Secondary Education