Samuel Ronan

He embodies the Average Joe spirit in more ways than just one. He is 26 years old which makes him very closely affiliated to the millennials struggling to make it through this abysmal economy and dark hour of fear and disassociation with our nations government and political structure. He is a veteran and still serves in the United States Air Force Reserves, proudly and with distinction. He knows first hand how difficult the VA is and how applying for government assistance or even financing health care premiums can be. He has had to live pay check to pay check and has learned full well the value of the dollar. As mentioned he is an immigrant and a firm believer that everyone deserves a fair chance at success regardless of ethnic background.

In other words he embodies every tenant of the regular American Citizen and advocates strongly for those areas in which he does not directly relate to! Samuel Ronan is truly a man of the people without having to put on a show, he was born from a blue collar family, he has worked from the bottom and show exceptional skill and talent as a leader even while being a subordinate. Furthermore he has proven time and again to be tenacious and achieve things that most wouldn’t credit someone of his credentials of being able to accomplish. His mere candidacy is testament to his will and drive to right the wrongs of our current political standings and willingness to restore the American People as the leaders in their own livelihoods.

When he says that together we can and we will make a difference he means it because he is showing us all how it can be done! In short voting for Samuel Ronan, getting involved in politics, in your local communities, supporting the AJI and the Initiative, is supporting all things American. No matter what your race, your religion, your age, your demographic he will fight for you because we are all American’s first, and that is the bottom line!